Green Building certifications:

Ecostep Building can take you through the certification process for LEED, WELL, EDGE, RESET, and Green Mark systems.

We provide:

Technical Skills

  1. Pre project assessment and certification system gap analysis.
  2. Design review.
  3. Focused design guidance for each design team consultant for specific requirements throughout the design and construction phases of a project.
  4. Environmental building material research.

Administrative Skills

    1. Help project establish sustainability goals.
    2. Conduct integrated design team meetings.
    3. Project Management of certification process.
    4. Manage project timelines
    5. Risk analysis for changes on the project.
    6. Assist project to find required specialists; commissioning agent, energy modeler, daylight modeler, etc.
    7. Documentation administration.

Sustainable building design

Ecostep building can also provide general sustainable design consultancy. We can advise you in the areas of site, energy, water, materials, and indoor environmental quality.

  1. Energy savings
  2. Water conservation
  3. Alternative building materials
  4. Health and wellness strategies
  5. Sustainable site selection

Education programs

Ecostep Building can provide your team with education regarding sustainable building design. We can custom make our presentations to cover whatever topics you need.

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