Ecostep Building Pte Ltd and Thinkstep-SGS have formed a partnership for the promotion and facilitation of EDGE green building certification in the SE Asian Region.

Ecostep Building Pte Ltd has recently made a partnership agreement with thinkstep-SGS to provide clients with an easy facilitation for EDGE green building certification.

EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) is a sustainable building certification system that allows design teams and project owners to assess ways to incorporate energy saving, embodied energy savings, and water-saving options into their buildings. An innovation of IFC, which is a member of the World Bank Group, the EDGE system combines speed with market intelligence, bringing an investment focus to green building certification in more than 140 countries. EDGE responds to the need for a measurable solution to prove the financial case for building green. The EDGE system uses a web-based software application, a universal standard and a certification system. If a project earns a minimum prediction of 20% less energy, water and embodied energy in materials, then it meets the EDGE standard and is ready for certification.

In this partnership, Ecostep Building Pte Ltd will act in the role as the EDGE Expert. As the EDGE Expert Ecostep Building Pte Ltd’s responsibilities will be:

  • Provide clients an introduction to the EDGE system,
  • Conduct an orientation and initial training on the EDGE App software
  • Spot check project documentation before submission.

Thinkstep-SGS is a globally licensed certification provider for IFC’s EDGE program. In this partnership they will review the building design plans and schedules, conduct site audits, and issue final certification.

This new collaboration gives project owners the following benefits when applying for EDGE certification:

  • Provide a one contract only for consultancy and verification for EDGE certification and smooth bureaucratic hurdles.
  • Give the client representation during the certification process and assist them with collecting and uploading required documentation embedded in the offer.
  • Provide guidance on choosing the most cost-effective systems and solutions for a project design in a given region with client preferences in mind.

The collaboration between Ecostep Building Pte Ltd and thinkstep-SGS ensures that clients receive expert guidance and service from start to finish for the certification of their EDGE projects. Ecostep Building Pte Ltd provides the local knowledge of vendors and sustainable materials in the regions, as well as its experience in green building certification to help clients succeed with their EDGE applications and submissions. The thinkstep-SGS consortium brings a unique blend of extensive knowledge in development and administration of green building standards, with world-renowned services in inspection, verification, testing and certification.

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